Physical Therapy for Every Member of the Family!

Kids are my specialty, and I thoroughly enjoy working with babies, tots, kids and teens.  One of the goals that I really wanted to accomplish in my own practice was to truly reach out to the whole family.  I want families to say, “Andrea is our family’s Physical Therapist”.  Families have physicians, dentists, eye doctors, chiropractors, etc.  I want to be their PT!

I have 2 dedicated treatment areas – one for the Kid & Cradle group and one for the Rocker & Caregiver group.  I need to remind people that the rocker in my vision doesn’t necessarily mean old – caregivers range from teens to senior citizens, but they are active and vibrant and my mission is to help them stay that way!  Pain and mobility limitations happen and they shouldn’t be ignored – Physical Therapy can reduce or eliminate pain and restore function so that families can live life to the fullest.

I want to help YOU take care of Yourself!

Andrea Batt, PT, DPT, PCS