Choosy People / Parents choose Cradle to Rocker, LLC for their Physical Therapy!

I was trying to describe my business model to a friend the other day.  I explained that most of my patients are people who take initiative to find the “best” for their family.  At Cradle to Rocker I am able to use my best professional judgment to provide services at a frequency and intensity that meet family and personal needs.  I respect the busy stressful lives of my families.  Through my many years working in community and home therapy settings I realize that PT needs to be integrated into the patient’s life and not become their life!

I am so blessed that God gifted me with the intelligence, motivation, time and opportunities to develop a unique skill set.  I pursue modern techniques and research while still respecting and embracing traditional therapy interventions.  I am a firm believer in hands on therapy, yet I know the importance of exercise and fitness.

The “skill” of a therapist is what a PT consumer is paying for.  Telling someone to do an exercise while walking away to do a note / work with another patient is not how I conduct a therapy session.  If a session repeats the last session,  and I don’t  need to manually guide ,mobilize or modify and adapt the exercises then PT frequency (how often they come – weekly, every other week, etc) is decreased.  A lower frequency over a longer duration (how many weeks / months they come to PT) allows the patient to incorporate their new exercises / mobility into their lifestyle and PT sessions can focus on adapting posture, mechanics and exercises as recovery progresses.

Thanks to all my supporters – my family, my patients and Families!